About Us

Our introduction is our source of inspiration. Our Grand father

VAID VIDYA SAGAR AGGARWAL, was a well-known herbalist and a perfect Ayurvedist.

He devoted his life to research and formulating various blends of herbs to act in a natural way of healing the various problems of mankind. He was a great and a famous vaid. In the Ayurveda system, vaid means physician. His career as a herbalist started from Vaid Perma-Nand, who was also a great herbalist and head physician of King of Kapurthala (India). At that time, the physician of the King was called RAJVAID.

It was at a time when chemical formulations were getting so much popularity in India and use of Ayurvedic dietaries were declining. The quick and fast results of chemical formulations won over the herbal therapies, which had a sure but slow effect. People in India could not adjust their traditional system of herbal therapies with modern chemical science development.

His maximum creative work was from 1960 on-wards and was soon faced with people with more chronic and complicated health problems.

Our grand father used to tell us that chemical formulations were getting more successful because they worked faster and gave quick relief but suppressed the symptoms. Because the problem was suppressed temporarily, the reoccurrence was more drastic and complicated. He was of the opinion that chemical solution was necessary and many times life saving but man would have to turn back from chemicals to a natural therapy or have to keep the balance between chemicals and natural herbs. He spent the rest of his life in the research and trials of various herbal combinations on his followers. He closed his Pharmacy, and started to practice as a herbalist. He was now getting old and intended to pass his knowledge and life-experience to his children.