Dietary Supplement

Triphala : Nourishes and supports healthy tissues.

Helps to support the membrane lining of the digestive tract and contributes to colon cleansing.

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We are one of the oldest company in Ayurveda.

We are present in United States since 1999, when only few people knew about Ayurveda. We are directly linked with the manufacturing and procurement facility i.e. Herbsforever (India), where we do direct sourcing from the wild forest, organic farmer, grower, co-operative societies in India.


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Why Herbsforever

We have direct network all over India where we can procure fresh seasonal raw materials unprocessed and unmilled. When the raw material is of the finest quality, the product also comes out as the finest.

  • We have a direct network all over India where we can procure fresh seasonal raw materials unprocessed and unmilled.
  • Herbs are properly segregated, cleaned, sieved, dried and then grinded followed by the dry heat sterilization.
  • We provide the best quality material with affordable prices.
  • We procure the authentic raw herbs and material, Identify it according to Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India (API) Standards.
  • We follow and comply with FDA, GMP and WHO requirements.


Multiple certifications from the US, EU and India

Free Consultation

Free Consultation with – Ayurvedic Herbalist, BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), MD (Ayurveda)If you have any health problem and want to know which supplement is good for you, want to know supplement according to your body type (vatta-air) (Pitta –filre) (kapha – water) or with mixed dosha, If you want to know diet plan with your supplement, or want to know which foods are suitable for you as per your body type/dosha (humour) or which foods are not. Our Qualified Ayurvedic herbalist can help you with that. This is a free consultation with our ayurvedic doctor. Yes, you have nothing to pay all the way.

Your privacy is our policy.

Clients Testimonials

I just received my recent order and I’m very impressed with the products! I love the Narayan and Vishgarba oils! They are wonderful.

Glen Sparkle, MIAMI

I have started selling shilajit six months ago and now i want to start selling in Malaysia and Indonesia and probably Philippines.

Glenda Richards, CALIFORNIA

I began using products from HerbsForever one year ago whenThe herbs, Yograj Guggulu, Kaunch (Mucuna), Omega Mind and Ashwagandha,improved my health.

Sue Sparkle, NY