Our Story


We are one of the oldest company in Ayurveda.

We are present in United States since 1990, when only few people knew about Ayurveda. We are directly linked with the manufacturing and procurement facility i.e. Herbsforever (India), where we do direct sourcing from the wild forest, organic farmer, grower, co-operative societies in India.

We have direct network all over India where we can procure fresh seasonal raw material unprocessed and unmilled. When the raw material is of the finest quality, the product also comes out as the finest.

Herbsforever Standards

We use clear vege capsules and we do not use any binders and fillers. Most of the extracts we use in capsules are in house extracted which increases the potency of the herb without any side effect. Aqua based full spectrum extracts are called “Ghan” in Ayurveda. We have one of the best industry standards and procurement facility which complies with the local and international laws.

We use less machinery but more human power so that the production is done in classical and traditional way as per Ayurveda text books. The product comes like home style cooking instead of mass industrial production. Also made in small batches, the taste, aroma, freshness and quality you can feel in the Herbsforever which is of the utmost standards.

Herbs are properly segregated, cleaned, sieved, dried and then grinded followed by the dry heat sterilization. In house and outside testing is performed to ensure proper quality of the herb from procurement to the final product.

We procure the authentic raw herbs and material, Identify it according to Ayurvedic Pharma Copier (API) standards. We do not use any kind of heavy metals even they are not close to any of our procurement and manufacturing facility.

We don’t procure any herb from fields near road sides due to prevention of chemicals and lead due to pollution. We use authentic ancient Ayurvedic books as base like Sarsangrah, Bhaisyaratnavali, Charaksamhita and even Ayurvedic Formulary of India.