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Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil

As per Ayurveda

It helps to balance Pitta (Fire) & Kapha (Water), Doshas (Humors) in the body.

It is a non-volatile oil extracted from sunflower seeds. It is best source of vitamin E and so it helps to support for complextion. It also supports for healthy heart.

Seeds are mechanically cold pressed and double filtered in muslin cloth without chemicals or petrochemicals so that it retains all the well balanced nutrients in the oil.

Primary Benefits as per Ayurveda

  • It helps to support for complextion with naturally moisturizing the skin.
  • It can be used for cooking purpose to make food tasty and healthy.
  • It is good for healthy heart.
  • Helps to neutralize the unhealthy effects on skin due to working in sun.

Other Benefits as per Ayurveda

  • A beneficial Massage Oil.
  • In India it is used as cooking oil also.

(For Massage & External Use)


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