Punarnavadi Mandoor


Product Package : 90 Vege Capsules, 800 mg eachPrimary Use : Liver & Iron Support

Primary Benefits as per Ayurveda

  • Kidney Tonic
  • Punarnavadi Mandoor supports healthy functioning of the liver.
  • Supports healthy blood formation.
  • Helps to balance the water content of the body.
  • Supports healthy kidney functions.

Other Benefits as per Ayurveda

  • It has digestive rejuvenator action.
  • Supports overall health.

Punarnavadi Mandoor is very useful in maintaining overall health especially when it comes to the right functioning of the liver, kidneys, and digestive system. It contains “Triphala” which is a well known digestive rejuvenator, “Trikatu” which supports healthy metabolism and “Haridra” scrapes out the unnecessary Ama (undigested food particles) and other toxins out of the body.

Dietary Supplement

It is a combination of Ayurvedic herbs which have been used in Ayurveda since time immemorial.

  • Iron support.
  • Supports healthy joints.
  • Supports healthy urinary and reproductive systems.
  • Supports healthy Kidney, Liver and Digestive systems.
  • Balances Kapha(Water) which contributes to healthy joint functioning.
  • Helps in healthy liver function of liver by removing toxins from liver and helps to maintain healthy hemoglobin level.
  • Helps to maintain normal functioning of kidneys.


High quality extracts and powders of ayurvedic herbs from their natural habitats without chemical, fertilizer & pesticides. Free from gluten, soya, dairy, binder, preservatives or artificial colors.


Punarnava (Boerhavia Diffusa), Nishoth(Operculina Turpethum), Shunthi(Zingiber Officinale), Maricha(Piper Nigrum), Pippali(Piper Longum), Vidanga(Embelia Ribes), Haridra (Curcuma Longa), Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis), Haritaki(Terminalia Chebula), Vibhitaki (Terminalia Bellerica), Nagarmotha(Cyperus Rotundus – Mustha), Ajwain (Trachyspermum Ammi), Chavya(Piper Chaba), Mandoor(Purified Iron Oxide), Chitrak(Plumbago Zeylanica).

All the herbs used in this product have a safe history of usage in Ayurveda since the time immemorial. They have very unique benefits with unique herbal properties.

Combined effects of all these herbs formulated in such a way that help to bring all three Doshas (Humors) Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water) in their natural balanced state.

Directions for Use

Take 1 or 2 Vege Capsules/tablets 2 times a day with water.


  • Pregnant/Lactating women, children or any with Known pre-existing condition should take under the advice of a healthcare provider. Keep away from the reach of children.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

  • Morning walk
  • Nutritional diet
  • Yoga
  • Restful sleep
  • Positive thinking

Special Notes

Tested for quality purity and heavy metal standards.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any Disease.

Weight 5 oz