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As per Ayurveda

Shankhapushpi helps to support healthy brain and mind. It helps to support blood flow to brain & also helps in calming the mind. It helps to provide comfortable sleep. It works as a nervine tonic.

Primary benefits as per Ayurveda

  • A Dietary Supplement.
  • Promotes memory and concentration.
  • Helps to support healthy blood circulation to the brain.
  • Helpful as a supplement to fight against daily life stress.
  • The whole plant is rejuvenating and a nervine tonic.
  • It helps to support memory power and intellect.
  • It serves as a tonic to brain and nerves.

Other Benefits as per Ayurveda

  • Helps to promote memory and concentration.
  • Helps to supports healthy blood circulation to the brain.
  • It acts as a rejuvenator.
  • It helps to improve memory power and intellect, also helps in problems due to morbidity of Tridoshas (Three humors as per Ayurvedic theory).
  • Convolvulus Pluricaulis has been found to help in different daily life stress.
  • According to ancient literature it can be considered as a memory enhancer (Medhya Rasayana) as well as tonic to brain & nerves.



  • High quality pure extract with optimum potency & maximum quantity.
  • 800 mg of Standardized extract, Alkaloid not less 4% (Herb ratio 18:1).

As per Ayurveda:

  • Family Name: Convolvulaceae
  • Botanical Name: Convolvulus Pluricaulis
  • English Name: Bindweed
  • Hindi Name: Shankhapushpi
  • Part Used: Leaves/Whole Plant


  • Rasa (Taste): Astringent and Pungent
  • Guna (Characteristics): Heavy, Unstable, Oily, and Sticky.
  • Virya (Potency): Hot
  • Vipaka (Post Digestive Effect): Sweet
  • Property: Memory enhancer
  • It helps to promote joints and muscle comforts. It also helps to maintain muscle health & flexibility.

Chemical Properties:

B. sitosterol,glycoside, Hydroxy Cinnamic acid, Octacosanol tetracosane along with glucose.

Best Source:

Grows in marshy places and cultivated south India.

Serving Size:

Adults: Take 1 Capsule/Tablet 3 times a day 1 – 2 Hrs after meals with water. Take first dose after breakfast. Adjust the dosage as per your body requirement or as per the advice of your practitioner. Use it for a long period of time for progressive and long lasting results.

Food to Favour:

  • Seasonal fruits
  • Fresh vegetables [Broccoli, spinach, celery, Beetroot, cauliflower]
  • Salmon fish
  • Olive oil
  • Egg yolk
  • Coconut water
  • Dark chocolate
  • Nuts [Almonds, walnuts]
  • Green tea

Food to Avoid:

  • Fast food
  • Excessive sour or salty food.
  • Meat
  • Dairy products
  • Chips
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Pastries
  • Saturated fats
  • Processed food


  • Play brain games.
  • Do meditation regularly.
  • Try to master the new skills.
  • Do exercise regularly like brisk walking.
  • Fill the life with music.


  • Avoid unnecessary stress or worries.
  • Avoid excessive sugary products.
  • Avoid unhealthy food like snacks.

Healthy Tips:

  • Nutritional diet
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Peaceful mind
  • Restful sleep


Pregnant/Lactating women, children or any with Known pre-existing condition should take under the advice of health care provider. Keep away from the reach of children.

Reference Classical or Govt. Approved Books:


  • Dravyaguna Vigana
  • Adarsh Nighantu
  • Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India


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Other Uncommon Names of This Herb: Laghuvishnukranta, Nilapushpi, Nilasankhapuspi, Sankhapuspi, Shankhapushpi, Vaishnava, Vishnugandhi, Vishnukranta, Vishnukranti, Visnukranta, Shankapushpi, Shyamakranta, Syamakranta, Visnukranta, Sankhpuspi, Phooli, Shankaveli, Sankhpushpi, Shnkhahuli, English Speedwheel, Sankhaholi, Barabhutra, Vishnukarandi, Visnukranti, Shankhapushpi, Krsnakranti, Vishnukranthi, Visnuklanti, Vistnu-clandi, Shankavall, Shankhavalli, Vishnukanta, Samkvel, Krishna-enkranti, Vishnu Kanthi, Visnukiranti, Vittunukkiranti, Vittunumuli, Aparaci, Paracitam, Visnukkiranti, Visnukrantamu, Vishnukrantha, Erra Vishnukaraantha.

NOTE: Person using our product Migranet should use 1 or 2 Capsule before bed time only.

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